Getting into that place magazine is really hard. No matter how I try my best. I’m still not enough to be accepted to that company. Maybe it’s really time that i should quit being a Manga Artist? There is one person said that… “I won’t regret if i fail in my attempt to achieve my dreams.  What I Don’t wanna regret is that not chasing those dreams.” Well I’ll just stick to that quote and I guess won’t be giving up after all. Because I might regret it soon. I’ve Made my choice. And that choice will never be washed away because it will remain forever in my head. I will try my best to achieve my dreams and they say that practice makes perfect?? Really? Well.. There’s a 50:50 ratio that i believe that statement. I have a lot of things that I need to learn. Not just learn but also striving hard. Someday I will fulfill my dream in becoming a manga artist. There would be tough challenges ahead. So? I DONT CARE! because I will face ALL challenges that would stand in my way in fulfilling my dream!!! HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEGINNING IS THE END, AND THE END IS THE BEGINNING. WELL THEN, LET US BEGIN AGAIN AND TO EACH THEIR OWN TALE AND STORY!!! LETS DO THIS THING ALREADY!!!!




For me , to achieve one goal, You need the following.

First: Hardwork

Second: Passion

Third: Determination


Fourth: Luck.

Hardwork because you cant finish a goal or achieve a goal without even working hard right? so Hardwork really helps you in achieving your goals. Second.. Passion. Passion because your passion towards that goal gives you more or its like you’re eager to really achieve that goal. in short eagerness. Third is Determination. Although this is very self explanatory. But I’ll just explain it. xD. So Determination.. it is one’s determination that will push yourself towards achieving your goal.. Last but not the least, Luck. Of course some people are dreaming of something but they didn’t achieve it. in short out of luck xD sorry for those who are offended.. no offense kay? just a random thought.. K BYE



Genres: Comedy , VR , Harem , Gundam

Synopsis: In a world where chaos of the real world has gotten worse, and people couldn’t play that much games because of its effect towards the life style of the person playing it. People were instead doing visual things such as attending school , going to work, etc. But there were people who devoted themselves to become a gamer despite the high risk that they will receive. But these people soon weren’t affected at all by the effects of the games they played. In these group of people however, there was a boy that entered a game called Galaxia World. A game full of mystery and challenges and not much chaos and turmoil was present unlike the real world that they live in. This boy devoted himself in finding out all of the mysteries of this game before anyone else can. Will this boy be successful in solving all the mysteries in the game as well as finding his own and very own problems in the game? And what are his plans in the game and at the same time in the real world? Will he go back in the real world or stay in the virtual world? And last , will this boy be able to change the current state of the real world? Find out!


PS: TEEHEEEE! First time doing this kind of manga so far. This will be tough! Good luck to me and to all my members!!! And also, I AM RECRUITING FOR MORE MEMBERS!! IF YOU WANT TO JOIN GALAXIA’S TEAM ,JUST TELL ME! I WILL BE AT 10-FAITH AND PLEASE LOOK FOR KAYETAN INGLES! THANKS! AND ALSO! IM REDOING THIS MANGA. SO MEMBERS PLEASE COOPERATE THANKS!  SO THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO JOIN PLEASE TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME. NAME AND SECTION! THANKS! PS: I’m currently doing 3 manga now namely A girl with a crimson heart , Grand Tale Online and This one.. Galaxia World. Happy reading! 



Page File

sigh~~~.. Although not yet done but well… i know its kinda ugly.. and still needs improvement.. but I guess you would say this is a fail because of… uh…. its ugliness? but honestly to tell you guys, my hands were almost gonna numb because of .. I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN LMFAO… anyways… oh dont mind the dialogue because its.. a uh…. dialogue… yes yes.. dialogue.. well actually its a practice in making my manga in a computer.. well its really hard and in fact using mouse is REALLY REALLY A PAINFUL WORK FOR ME! why? BECAUSE IM NOT USED TO IT! THATS ALL. im  not angry just saying things… as I see the drawing, i feel slapping myself for its ugliness.. its just that it really needs improvement and gonna do some stuffs like toning.. GAWD! STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO!!! but i wont give up unlike these past months. i already gave up twice but thanks to those friends who gave me inspiration and im here now trying my best to improve my art. Hardwork isnt something that you made it so easily. It was made by Passion , Inspiration , Determination and Luck.